Introduction: The Adventures of Baylard Bear

Illustration by Linda Moehlenkamp



This is a story about a bear, a very special bear. His name is Baylard. He is short and round with long arms and tiny ears and irresistible dark brown eyes.

Baylard isn’t like any other bear you’ve seen or read about before. He doesn’t live in the forest. He doesn’t live in a zoo. He lives in a house in a place calledPasadenawith a human mommy.

Like other children who are adopted, Baylard was an orphan. So, of course, he needed someone to love him. And his human mommy didn’t have any children of her own so, of course, she needed someone to love her. That’s how the two of them came to be together.

This book was designed to be shared. Read it to someone you love and who loves you!


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